School Based Counseling

School Based Counseling Services

The final bell for the 2012-2013 school year at Morton Freshman Center has rung. It has been another incredible year of counseling. The classroom we use for counseling has seen many tears and heartaches, but has also been the place students come to first with exciting news of passing a class or making a sports team. It is a bittersweet time, we are sad to see them go, but also feel very fortunate to have been on this journey of their first year of high school with them.

The ending of one school year is quickly followed by the beginning of another. Less than a week after the outgoing 9th graders leave, the Summer Bridge program at the Freshman Center starts. We are able to help students prepare for their high school experience by teaching them how to deal with stress and frustration more effectively. It is during this summer program that we begin to build relationships with many of the students who will become our individual and group counseling clients during the following school year.

In addition to working with Bridge students, the school has allowed us to continue to run counseling groups and work with individual students here at the Freshman Center. We are expecting to see approximately 40 students with whom we have worked over the past school year for additional services. For many of the students we meet with, summer is a difficult time; school provides structure, accountability, and often, an escape from home. These students recognize the support that they were getting from the YC services and want to have that continued over the summer. We are excited to see what is going to happen in these students’ lives over the next few months and feel fortunate that we are able to continue to guide, support and inspire.